Vivienne Westwood Pigiama per l'allattamento English Russian English – Russian ES Occasione d'uso EUR 10,99 We have previously demonstrated that morphological and rheological properties of human erythrocytes change when they were exposed to the α -hemolysin toxin (HlyA), released by uropathogenic strains of E. coli. Particularly, HlyA treated erythrocytes (HlyA-RBC) showed increased membrane fragility and swelling, together with an enhanced ATP release and significant hemolysis. Since the resulting extracellular released ATP is a potential modulator of vascular resistance (VR), we decided to test the effect of continuous perfusion of RBCs exposed to HlyA or ProHlyA (the non-hemolytic form of HlyA) on the mesenteric arterial bed pressure (MABP) with the aim to observe the effects of RBC alterations on a physiological in vitro model of peripheral resistance. Methods: The small intestinal (jejunum and ileum) with the vascular pedicle was isolated from rats and the superior mesenteric artery and the portal vein were cannulated for vascular perfusion. Krebs Ringer solution (KRS, 37ºC) was perfused at 1 ml/min and MABP was measured continuously by means of a pressure transducer connected to the arterial inflow line. After organ stability, RBC suspension (10% hematocrit in KRS) was perfused at the same rate, and the MABP was monitored. Then the preparation was washed with KRS and subsequently perfused with HlyA- or ProHlyA-RBC. In each condition a sample of the solution leaving from portal vein was taken at 2-min intervals and ATP was immediately measured by a luminescence technique. The same protocol was performed in the presence of 100 µM suramin (a non-selective purinergic receptor blocker). Results: i. perfusion of HlyA-RBC increased MABP value (205 ± 77 % n=7 p<0.05) compared with RBC, while the values measured with HlyA-RBC + suramin, and Pro HlyA-RBC were not different of that obtained with RBC. Consistent with these results, the highest ATP values were measured in the samples from Hyla-RBC in a range of 4.41 to 54.07 n=3) compared with those measured with only RBC (ATP values in a range of 0.09 to 1.18 µM n=3). Conclusion: Perfusion of Hlya-RBC suspension induces intravascular ATP release, which activates purinergic receptors that mediate contraction of the mesenteric blood vessels. 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