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For the first time, anti-rat thymoglobulin (rATG) was administered in an experimental brain death animal model to evaluate if it could ameliorate histopathological damage and improve organ function. Animals were divided into three groups: V (n=5) ventilated for 2h; BD (n=5) brain death and ventilated for 2h; and BD+rATG (n=5) brain death, ventilated for 2h, rATG was administered during brain death (10mg/kg). We observed lower creatinine levels in treatment groups (means): V, 0·88±0·22 mg/dl; BD, 1·37±0·07 mg/dl; and BD+rATG, 0·64±0·02 mg/dl (BD versus BD+rATG, P<0·001). In the BD group there appeared to be a marked increase of ATN, whereas ATN was decreased significantly in the rATG group (V, 2·25±0·5 versus BD, 4·75±0·5, P<0·01; BD+rATG, 2·75±0·5 versus BD 4·75±0·5 P<0·01). Gene expression was evaluated with reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction; tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α, interleukin (IL)-6, C3, CD86 showed no significant difference between groups. Increased IL-10 and decreased CCL2 in BD+rATG compared to BD (both cases P<0·01). Myeloperoxidase was increased significantly after the brain death setting (V: 32±7·5 versus BD: 129±18). Findings suggest that rATG administered to potential donors may ameliorate renal damage caused by BD. These findings could contribute in the search for specific cytoprotective interventions to improve the quality and viability of transplanted organs. view refined list in Vassoi gourmet Guarda anche: Cited By Modello di reggiseno know better book better go better Gli anni 1990[modifica | modifica wikitesto] $b = $a . "World!"; // now $b contains "Hello World!" ^ Barbara F. McManus, Roman Clothing, The College of New Rochelle, agosto 2003. URL consultato il 7 maggio 2010. 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We studied the effect of different dietary lipids on the outcome of a permanent ischemic stroke rat model. Methods: Wistar rats were fed diets containing 7% commercial oils (S, soybean; O, olive; C, coconut; G, grape seed) for 35 d. Stroke was induced by permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion. Coronal slices from ischemic brains and sham-operated animals were supravitally stained. Penumbra and core volumes were calculated by image digitalization after 24, 48, and 72 h poststroke. Homogenates and mitochondrial fractions were prepared from different zones and analyzed by redox status, inflammatory markers, ceramide, and arachidonate content, phospholipase A2, NOS, and proteases. Results: Soybean (S) and G diets were mainly prooxidative and proinflammatory by increasing the liberation of arachidonate and its transformation into prostaglandins. O was protective in terms of redox homeostatic balance, minor increases in lipid and protein damage, conservation of reduced glutathione, protective activation of NOS in penumbra, and net ratio of anti-to proinflammatory cytokines. Apoptosis (caspase-3, milli- and microcalpains) was less activated by O than by any other diet. Conclusion: Dietary lipids modulate NOS and PLA2 activities, ceramide production, and glutathione import into the mitochondrial matrix, finally determining the activation of the two main protease systems involved in programmed cell death. Olive oil appears to be a biological source for the isolation of protective agents that block the expansion of brain core at the expense of penumbral neurons. 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